• The Instant ITS System ( Queue Warning System )

      This system is a combination of the Smart Icone Drums ( radar gun mounted in Traffic drum ) in tandam with Smart Message Boards . This system monitors traffic speeds throughout a work zone and conveys this data to Message Boards positioned prior to entering work zones. The messages transmit current ( real time ) traffic conditions back to the road user. ( ie .. duration through job site, delays, stoppages )

    • Smart Arrowboards

      This is a standard arrowboard that has had a Icone Arrowboard modem added to its system. This Smart Modem transmits real time status and GPS position of arrowboard . The WAZE Navigation Application shows this arrowboard as a active workzone when arrowboard is turned on.
      Also, we have added Cameras to our arrowboards to assist the local agencies and contractors with the current status of their work zone in real time.

    • Smart GPS Positioning Wands ( Ipins )

      This ( ICONE ) product provides real time GPS position of any piece of Traffic Control equipment at any time. These are typically attached to a barricade at the beginning of your work area and again at the last piece of barricading equipment in your work zone. These ( Ipins ) show up on the WAZE Navigation Application as a hazard symbol and lets the traveling public know that you are work in this area.

    • Smart GPS Positioning Flag Person Wand

      This ( Icone ) product is constructed to be installed in a two – piece stop / slow paddle handle. This allows the Flag Person to turn on the GPS Wand when actively working within a workzone / school zone. When active, the wand transmits a signal to the WAZE Navigation Application, which shows a work zone to the traveling public. When the flag person has completed their work for the day, they simply shut off the wand and the signal disappears from the navigation application.

    • Smart Emergency Light Vehicle GPS Positioning

      Icone has developed a device that attaches to your Strobe lights in your construction/ emergency vehicle. When the strobe lights area activated, this device will transmit a signal to the WAZE Navigation Application of a hazard area on the roadway using the internal GPS Positioning of the device.


All of these devices listed above provide real time information to Navigation Applications as a means to avoid work zones and to acknowledge potential hazards to the traveling public.  They also allow the contractor to ability to monitor his work zone from his/ her computer or phone.

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